About Us

Moveable Feast is the result of our collaboration to share our love of delicious and healthy food. Who are we? Gillian Haston and Ishie Thompson. We both enjoy good food: good to eat and good for you. Talking over coffee one day, we both had the same answer to the question "if you were to set up your own business...". So we did it.

We know how difficult it is to eat well when you are juggling a busy life. There never seems to be enough time to prepare and cook the meals you would like to eat, so you end up compromising with your food choices. You choose whatever's easy, a ready meal, or phoning for a pizza. And we also know the feelings of regret and guilt afterwards.

You know that if you spend your weekend preparing good quality meals then you can eat well during the week. But it means devoting a lot of your precious weekend to finding recipes, buying the ingredients, preparing, cooking and then packaging your meals for the next few days.

But what if we did it for you? You get your weekends back and eat well. Result! That's the beauty of Moveable Feast: you get all the benefits of eating tasty, healthy meals without any of the hassle.

Ishie and Gillian