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Cooking the Book

We're gathering some of our most delicious, healthiest recipes together to make our first e-book.  Another first for us, and without a recipe to follow we don't know how much preparation and cooking time is required, but we're sure you'll be delighted with the results.

Why are we so confident?  Because we know how good the recipes are, and after all, it's all about the food.

The Spice is Right

Congratulations to Lynn who won our competition on Facebook.  She was able to correctly guess the most spices, and here's her prize: a jar of our Dukka, a ground pistachio nuts and spices.

Dukka is a traditional Egyptian delicacy, and is perfect as a nibble for dinner parties.  Dip some tasty bread into some extra virgin olive oil and then into a bowl of Dukka before placing in your mouth.  The flavours are amazing.

New Treats

We're always on the lookout for new tasty treats (as long as they are healthy of course!), so we were delighted to find a recipe for these sweet Apple and Cardamom buns.  They're made with spelt flour and are dairy free (but not vegan).  But most importantly, they taste delicious.  

The cardamom is an unusual variation on the more common cinnamon, although come to think of it, that would be good too...

We've been busy...

We launched on 21 July and our feet have hardly touched the ground.  We've been making weekly deliveries (and sometimes more frequently) and had another successful evening at the Yes Group Inverness event.  We got our photo in the WEA Women at Work facebook page, but we've sneakily copied it here because we liked it so much.